Schedule An Appointment

At this time, Miguel is not taking on any new projects.

His books will reopen in June of 2022.

Thanks for your patience and keep an eye on social media announcing when the books will open.

Schedule An Appointment

Please read all the information provided prior to requesting your tattoo appointment.

For all tattoo inquiries, please fill out the form below and be as specific as you can with the details of your tattoo design. Once all the information has been provided, a reply will be given promptly.

Please also note that prior to scheduling an appointment, a $150 – $300 non-refundable deposit will be collected through the Cash App. After your deposit has been received, an appointment will be confirmed at a date of your convenience and my earliest availability.

Miguel works from his private studio located in Kennewick, WA; privacy and limited guests are appreciated while he’s working.

Currently, Miguel is only booking appointments for: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. This allows him to have the essential time required to prepare accordingly for each tattoo and ensure that every client receives his highest quality work.

Miguel is humbled by the increasing number of requests he has been receiving, and feels it is a privilege to work with each client.

He appreciate your patience as his schedule fills up quickly and books out two months in advance.

Deposit Minimum: $150 -$300 depending on the size of the piece (Non-refundable)

Hourly rate: $125